Friday, April 22, 2011

Rage Roundup.

I keep on saying I don't want this blog to turn into a rant. But the only thing that seems to inspire me to post also drives me to RAGE HATE RAGE!

Via the lovely BREDA!
Her Blog Post

City can't afford real police. CAN afford recycling police. Link

I was driving home the other day and noticed they are putting red light cameras a few blocks from where I live. My city can't afford garbage pickup and is now billing the residents. BUT they can afford traffic cams. I bet it's for safety and not revenue. Can't be that...
For those that still think that traffic cameras are for safety. They have proven that cameras INCREASE accidents at those intersections.

On a snarky note. I wonder how many times a PD cruiser is going to be caught by those cameras. They just put in a 24hr Dunkin Donuts on that corner!

My Dad recently passed and I get to try to deal with the estate. I noticed today on his death thirteen...... Deceased of hispanic origin? ......WTF BATMAN! this is OHIO,
Where am I and what did you do with my country!

*sigh* Time to invest more in flying lead.

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