Sunday, April 24, 2016

My pocket lint on the designated bathroom uproar.

Oh that's nice you identify as a woman/Trans/Pony!
I self identify as a Glock 19 (or 1911 choose your flavor)
Your play snowflake!

Your mother self identifies as a hamster and your father was an alcoholic with bestiality tendencies. Have you retreated back to your safe space and curled up in a corner, or shall I taunt you a second time?


C1: He makes a comment about wanting to be a ninja.
Me: So that would make you silent and invisible... OK! That works for me!

The fire department had to be called for the burn.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CUBEVILLE Boss edition.

Coworker to my right likes to lean back in his swivel chair. Manager's boss walks by and said:

"You are right at the level I can sit on your face."

And he wasn't kidding. He had no idea of the "other" meaning of what he just said.

Since Blogger is not letting me comment.
Glenn B-No such luck he was OBLIVIOUS!