Thursday, June 23, 2016

Keep your eyes peeled for the STUPIDS!

So on my way home on the local highway after my night shift. The vehicle in front of me has no lights on...and it's not moving CRAP! *brake test ensues*

I turn on my flashers. And then I notice someone in the vehicle...oh great.

In hindsight I should have grabbed my carry gun from the car lockbox. Bad THOT!

So I grab my new big ass flashlight and find out if anyone is hurt. Looks like he hugged a pole with his truck. And he wants a ride to the next exit. Nope, you can't leave your car in the highway!?! Yup he walks off with a bag of his stuff and another motorist gives him a ride.

So I got to babysit his truck in the rain until the authorities arrived.
The good news is nobody ran into the dumbass's truck (or me) and my new heavy car flashlight works well in the rain.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Death of a flashlight. A cautionary tale.

I had a pretty decent flashlight stashed by the back door. (Fenix E21) This is a convenient spot since it's by the kitchen. Literally I just used it...and now it's not working. WTF batman......

Checked the batteries (Duracell Ultra)...ruptured cell....DAMMIT!!
and it's stuck. This model had a removable head so I was able to pound out the stuck cell. Fresh batteries did not help. It's a paperweight.

Oh leaking batteries are no joke. ACID! take reasonable precautions. Wash/flush your hands throughly.  It did eat into the metal cylinder of the light. That is what I think caused it's untimely demise.

There isn't anything I could have done to prevent the situation. Warranty covers manufacturer's defects and not ruptured cells. At least it wasn't a $300 Streamlight or something! And I have several lights that can easily take it's place.

After some google-fu it appears the light is even if I wanted to fix it somehow it' would be not worth the effort to find the parts.

Hope you learned something!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


C1;*is singing while he leaves for the evening*
C2: You can at least leave us the bottle you started.
Me: Bottle? he's probably into the schedule II drugs at least!