Sunday, July 30, 2023

Dark humor trigger warning.

I have committed poetry.
Sorry, not sorry.
I will embrace death.
For I am cooking grenades.
Shall not go quiet.

Then I used it as an AI art prompt. 

 Wow critical hit to the feels!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Fun with digital art and the headlines: Chineese "weather" balloons


NO Master Guns you cannot just go up there and shoot it down already!



U.S. Militia fields it's first counter to the Chinese balloon threat. 

Hat tip to Cedar for the art.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Online dating. (to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it")

 Muse up and shanked me. Ungrateful wench!

*announcer voice* And now for a musical interlude. Sorry....

If She's a 10 and she knows it that's a bot!
If She's a model and you know it that's a bot!
If she's looking like a 10 and wants your SSN she's a bot.
A person that is not, It's a bot.

If there is links on her page that's a bot.
If URLs are on her page, that's a bot.
If she links to instagram and wants you to go to onlyfans she's a bot.
Not here for dating, that's a bot!

If she's got huge tracts of land she's a bot!
If that's a freak of nature that's a bot!
If she's got huge tracts of land and her profile is really bland she's a bot.
Yes it's photoshop but still a bot!

If she's showing lots of skin that's a bot
If she's showing off alot that's a bot.
If shes's showing lots of skin but the details are pretty thin she's a bot!
If she looks like she charges by the hour that's a bot.

If she starred in a porn thats a bot.
Yes she looks really familiar she's a bot.
If you saw her on redtube don't be a rube that's a bot.
She does porno, and into you, that's a bot.

If she failed the Turing test that's a bot.
If she donno what day it is that's a bot
If she failed a Turing test and the English is not the best that's a bot.
If you need a quarter to continue that's a bot.

If she sounds like any of this she's a bot
I know your lonely but she's a bot.
I hate to ruin your day. Really just have to say
She's a bot!

Note V1.31 Thanks Rita!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Saturday, December 10, 2022


 Auntie gets a community newspaper put out by the large remaining purveyor of birdcage liner AKA THE Plain Dealer. To my joy this edition contained this months flyer for a local chain of sporting goods stores. On the front page one of the items is a picture of a Mandlorian blaster by SIG!. The description sounds like it's an AR-15 of some type. Looking at the rest it looks like they had to replace every AR15 and AR10 with Mandalorian blasters. The store's website has a PDF copy of the add and no such obfuscation is present.

Also in this ad a M1A and a pellet MP5. I guess the microbrains at the PD are only afraid of Stoner inspired styling.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Personal commentary - Pie

 A piece of pie dropped. Made a bit of a mess. Had to stop myself because I was seriously considering eating that slice. 

Had - to - stop - myself.

Told myself I am an adult. I can get ANOTHER slice of pie. It's MY pie and I don't have to share it.

AND today I had pie for breakfast. 

Because sometimes "Because I can" is a valid answer.