Sunday, May 8, 2022

Comoddity investment- An experiment.

There is something to be said by buying durable goods now before the value of your currency is inflated away. Ponder:

There is a bunch of surplus revolvers getting imported. Online store had LLAMA Martial .38spl for around $300. These are a Spanish licensed copy of the S&W Military and Police revolvers. They are similar to the model 15.

Revolver                          $300

100rds .38                         $50

Basic holster and

two HKS speedloaders     $50

So for around $400 you could assemble a solid basic self defense kit. You could easily make other choices to better fit your wants and budget. 

Ruger Security9 9mm with two magazines  $300

100 rds 9mm                                                       $35

Basic holster                                                    $20-35

Additional 15rd magazine                                $30


Mossberg Maverick 88 12ga  Two barrel kit     $260

100rd 12ga #7 shot                $30

25rd OObuckshot                   $30

Sling and swivels                    $20

Do I expect to make money? Outside of mad max/zombies! no. 

Would I expect to loose money? If I bought new guns and am now selling what is now "used" that's possible. I have seen PANIC! pricing on the Ruger handguns from a local dealer at $450-500.



Friday, February 18, 2022

How Democracy dies.

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Monday, January 3, 2022

Primo water, A review.

 TLDR-Primo water from WalMart FAIL !

It being winter I run ultrasonic humidifiers. As such they require distilled or similar water or else bad things happen.

I regularly fill 5gal jugs from a drugstore chain. Some of them have soda vending machine sized things that you can get purified water from at about .25/gal. The one I freqent was down for maintnence. So I was going to WalMart anyway so decided to try their PRIMO filtered water machine at .42/gal. Figured it would be good if I had another source.

I got three gallons. 

Me being diligent and curious I tested it with a  TDS (total dissolved solids)  meter I got with a zero water filter. 135! For drinking water that's fine. For what was supposed to be reverse osmosis and UV treated water it is not. Kirkland brand purified water "with minerals added for taste" rates 15. My tap water rated 132. We have really good municipal water. 

It is probably the machine's filters need changing. I doubt it's container contamination.

If I'm feeling it I'll get some from another Walmart to eliminate single source bias. Also this will confirm that the filters needed changed or other reasons.

 FCC note:Was purchased by me and not sponsored or otherwise compensated. I cordially invite you to enjoy consuming a large container of Richards.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

If it saves just one life.

 This years body count for black friday:

3 dead (the most since 2008 according to the tracking website

8+ wounded (5 by gunfire 3 by resulting panic )

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Agitprop Coffee. A study in impending failure.

 I wish there was a way to bet on the failure of a new small business. A brand new coffee shop opened nearby. I do pay extra for organic/fair trade/single origin good coffee. However I'm not going to pay to get preached at.

Agitprop coffee. 

Actual name is a synonym. Details obscured for obvious reasons.


City it's in is VERY blue.

Prices on the menu board are reasonable.


Not open late enough to get bar crowd traffic.

Limited metered parking.

There is a Dunkin Donuts a block over that's open much later and has a drive through.

There is a coffee shop that is co-located in a vape store two blocks over.

100% Vegan restaurant that serves coffee, Another hipster/vegan coffee shop, McDs, STARBUCKS all within 5min on the same road. Not to mention lots of restaurants. 


Unless it's a tax shelter they are going to be gone as soon as the owners run out of money.



Saturday, July 17, 2021

Scene from CUBEVILLE

 Coworker had lost power for most of the day due to a blown transformer. He finally gets power.

C1-The worst part of a power outage: No Coffee

Me- Wow C1 does not have a way to make coffee without power? I am dissapoint.


C1-My french press broke and I haven't' replaced it. 

Me - French press, Camping Percolator, pour over, cowboy, cold brew, instant, and tea bag method.

<Uncle Rodger> Why so weak?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Pageing Morpheus. Mr. Morpheus to the white courtesy phone.

 Ohio recently reformed their knife laws. So Automatics are now legal to carry. To celebrate I ordered myself one.
I was going to get a really nice Benchmade, but somehow talked myself into a $50 "starter" Boker auto.
First one sent out they said was delivered on a Saturday at 9am. Odd...Mail always arrives in the afternoon-evening on my street. No knife. Had to wait until Monday to file a complaint with USPS.
USPS said it was delivered pinky swear and closed the ticket. Made a point to check my confirmation email to make sure it had the correct address. (this is important)

Had to wait another week before the shop would send a replacement. OK, replacement on the way. It doesn't arrive with a 10am supposed delivery time. Wait a day or two. Contact the vendor again. Vendor says the first knife was returned to sender and the second one is marked as delivered. I'm mighty SUS! and I start checking.

Somehow the address is now the old address when I used to live down the street a LONG time ago. Went over there and got the second knife. Did not see any black cats or leggy brunettes in leather to my disappointment.