Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Pageing Morpheus. Mr. Morpheus to the white courtesy phone.

 Ohio recently reformed their knife laws. So Automatics are now legal to carry. To celebrate I ordered myself one.
I was going to get a really nice Benchmade, but somehow talked myself into a $50 "starter" Boker auto.
First one sent out they said was delivered on a Saturday at 9am. Odd...Mail always arrives in the afternoon-evening on my street. No knife. Had to wait until Monday to file a complaint with USPS.
USPS said it was delivered pinky swear and closed the ticket. Made a point to check my confirmation email to make sure it had the correct address. (this is important)

Had to wait another week before the shop would send a replacement. OK, replacement on the way. It doesn't arrive with a 10am supposed delivery time. Wait a day or two. Contact the vendor again. Vendor says the first knife was returned to sender and the second one is marked as delivered. I'm mighty SUS! and I start checking.

Somehow the address is now the old address when I used to live down the street a LONG time ago. Went over there and got the second knife. Did not see any black cats or leggy brunettes in leather to my disappointment.