Sunday, October 21, 2018


There's a new kind of post-t notes. Looks like they are trying for more blue collar business. I was interested to see how they would do as an alternative to rite in the rain notebooks.

Pencils where disapointing. I used two different cheap 0.7 automatics. I didn't have a wood pencil handy and tried one later. (#2 HB)  It wrote similar to the second automatic.

Pens are good to go.

Hi-lighters smudged very easily.

Fine sharpies had some bleeding issues. Ultrafine sharpies did well.

Cost ? $5 for 135 3X3in notes.

Adhesive and water resistance tests to follow!

Dear FCC and whomever. Items used where purchased by the reviewer. Please apologize to the plants and trees for working hard to make the oxygen you are wasting.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tactical Tyrone.

One of the perils of night shift work is having to do your grocery shopping late at night. Thank $diety there is a 24hr wallmart on the way home. As you can imagine I see plenty of oddballs. Tonight I spotted Tactical Tyrone. He was dressed all in black and tactical gear all over. Added large OFFICER patches both front and back. (not sneaking up on anyone now are you?) I strongly suspect Mr Tyrone is a bail bondsman. Also wasn't a costume since I"m guessing there was real armor to go with the baton and fire extinguisher sized mace. I've seen SWAT dudes roll lighter.

Not that big of a deal. Not worth mentioning except he had a single stack subcompact (Think it was a Taurus) in what looked like a level bajillion retention holster. The holster was probably three times the size of the gun and it had the pistol a good inch or two from his belt. Then I noticed he didn't have a magazine in the gun. *blink*

Mentioned it to him, he knew. *blink* *blink* *twitch*