Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tactical Tyrone.

One of the perils of night shift work is having to do your grocery shopping late at night. Thank $diety there is a 24hr wallmart on the way home. As you can imagine I see plenty of oddballs. Tonight I spotted Tactical Tyrone. He was dressed all in black and tactical gear all over. Added large OFFICER patches both front and back. (not sneaking up on anyone now are you?) I strongly suspect Mr Tyrone is a bail bondsman. Also wasn't a costume since I"m guessing there was real armor to go with the baton and fire extinguisher sized mace. I've seen SWAT dudes roll lighter.

Not that big of a deal. Not worth mentioning except he had a single stack subcompact (Think it was a Taurus) in what looked like a level bajillion retention holster. The holster was probably three times the size of the gun and it had the pistol a good inch or two from his belt. Then I noticed he didn't have a magazine in the gun. *blink*

Mentioned it to him, he knew. *blink* *blink* *twitch*

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