Sunday, May 8, 2022

Comoddity investment- An experiment.

There is something to be said by buying durable goods now before the value of your currency is inflated away. Ponder:

There is a bunch of surplus revolvers getting imported. Online store had LLAMA Martial .38spl for around $300. These are a Spanish licensed copy of the S&W Military and Police revolvers. They are similar to the model 15.

Revolver                          $300

100rds .38                         $50

Basic holster and

two HKS speedloaders     $50

So for around $400 you could assemble a solid basic self defense kit. You could easily make other choices to better fit your wants and budget. 

Ruger Security9 9mm with two magazines  $300

100 rds 9mm                                                       $35

Basic holster                                                    $20-35

Additional 15rd magazine                                $30


Mossberg Maverick 88 12ga  Two barrel kit     $260

100rd 12ga #7 shot                $30

25rd OObuckshot                   $30

Sling and swivels                    $20

Do I expect to make money? Outside of mad max/zombies! no. 

Would I expect to loose money? If I bought new guns and am now selling what is now "used" that's possible. I have seen PANIC! pricing on the Ruger handguns from a local dealer at $450-500.