Monday, July 2, 2018

Cleveland Plain Dealer special section on Guns.

I suffered so you don't have to. 8+ pages of anti propaganda! My stance on the subject is pretty obvious. So was the PD's Supposed to be a big deal about bringing a large group of people together to see if civil discussion can be had. My conclusion:
"We just want to have a conversation" when they mean "You pro gun people need to shaddup and listen and give up your rights"

Hi-lights for you marking your bingo cards.

Anti gun cop featured.
frequent Columbine and school shooting references.
Racist cop acting badly story.
Anti supporting moderators hiding their motivations.
Every pro gun voice is wrong here is why. Pro gun side people's stories seem rewritten specifically to show they are wrong while the anti gun side's bios are clear.
Miss-idenified a Girandoni air rifle as a firearm
Miss-identifed a modern AR-15 complete with suppressor and grenade launcher as a 1950s Armalite AR-15
Doubt there was a single positive adverb for the pro gun side. Most pro gun statements where surrounded by negative slanted verbage.
Frequent NRA is evil/racist/ect. About the only positive NRA mention is that one person now realizes that NRA members don't like being called evil. (as the person prepares signs for an anti gun rally)
Refered to progun postings as "mainsplaining" and "lawyerly rat at tat tat of gun statistics"