Saturday, March 29, 2014

NRA SOON! should write content..I know a REVIEW!!!

Let me take you back a few years. At the time I was renting a house with two friends. I didn't feel the need for much in the way of a gun safe since both are now shooters. I introduced both of them to the joys of empty wallets and guns. However I was concerned about one of the guys girlfriends who had a young daughter. So off I went to find an electronic drawer safe for a handgun. Criteria was 1. curious kid proof. 2. easy access 3. CHEAP (I was only working part time)

I found THIS:
at ~$30 it should work.

I should have known things would end badly when the first safe's hinges where coming off the back. Back it goes for a second safe. That one did fine......until recently.......Now the electronic lock is really messed up. I can open it with the bypass key. But at this point if I needed to access a gun for the thump in the night? FAIL.

It is now replaced by a GunVult model *REDACTED*. (Actually I have a couple of their products.)

My choice was heavily influenced by this video:
(I deliberately did not inbed the video in the post)
It is a presentation at DEFCON 15 on off the shelf gunsafes.
The gunvault model he had was difficult to break into with the exemption of the weakpoint of the conventional keyed bypass lock.

Conclusions: The first alert or similar safe is ok if your concerned about curious kids and are looking for a quick access safe RIGHT NOW. Plan on replacing it in a few years. Otherwise I would save the inevitable frustration and get a GunVault They have everything from a small car safe to larger drawer models.

HEY FCC: I paid for the items with my own money. This review is entirely my opinion and experience. Go away!