Monday, January 3, 2022

Primo water, A review.

 TLDR-Primo water from WalMart FAIL !

It being winter I run ultrasonic humidifiers. As such they require distilled or similar water or else bad things happen.

I regularly fill 5gal jugs from a drugstore chain. Some of them have soda vending machine sized things that you can get purified water from at about .25/gal. The one I freqent was down for maintnence. So I was going to WalMart anyway so decided to try their PRIMO filtered water machine at .42/gal. Figured it would be good if I had another source.

I got three gallons. 

Me being diligent and curious I tested it with a  TDS (total dissolved solids)  meter I got with a zero water filter. 135! For drinking water that's fine. For what was supposed to be reverse osmosis and UV treated water it is not. Kirkland brand purified water "with minerals added for taste" rates 15. My tap water rated 132. We have really good municipal water. 

It is probably the machine's filters need changing. I doubt it's container contamination.

If I'm feeling it I'll get some from another Walmart to eliminate single source bias. Also this will confirm that the filters needed changed or other reasons.

 FCC note:Was purchased by me and not sponsored or otherwise compensated. I cordially invite you to enjoy consuming a large container of Richards.

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