Saturday, June 9, 2018


Not really that exciting. It's only a $100 China/Walmart grill. My even cheaper tabletop is getting rickety and I don't want to tempt fate anymore. Got it together with only some frustration. Who am I kidding , tried to peal the finish off with some "Navy" vocabulary. And just my luck the rain that was forecast all day decided to show up 1/3 of the way through. That meant I was assembling on the poarch which isn't that bad. Well then my aunt got home and needed by. @#$%^%^#%$#

Got it together without needing first aid and it's working. Fate struck again as the SirLoin (tm) I was thawing out was still mostly frozen. *&^&%$%$#%$@#%^&*(^&%$
Sacrificed some hotdogs...The chicken turned out pretty good.

It's beer O'clock

Since I'm here I checked the stats. France?!?! what's the deal?!? Leave a comment if you want more of something...

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