Wednesday, May 20, 2015


For most people the answer is YES!

For me I've never acquired or liked the taste of the stuff. I do enjoy a nice bourbon or whiskey but never liked beer. Probably this is due to examples of "how to do it wrong" growing up I never got really into alcohol or drugs. Needless to say I was on the boring side for most of my life. As an early adult I realized that some things must be tried even if they are ultimately discarded.

To the point I am challenging myself. The local mega grocery chain has a "choose your own adventure" six pack. The lovely GF helped me pick out a few and I'm working my way through them. I got a couple of more Summer oriented beers as well as a hard cider and even found an adult root beer.

First I tried Shock Top Belgian white.
You could really taste the wheat that the beer is brewed with. Not bad. I'd recommend giving it a try.

Next up was Angry Orchard Apple ginger
It's a hard cider, tried something similar before *shrug*
Need to get the bottle opener for this one.....Oh look it says use bottle opener on the cap *smirk*

Well the ginger does something with the alcohol taste...Sorta like they had babies and they came out with tentacles. I think I'm going to call it halfway through...*pours a bourbon*

Stay tuned!

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