Thursday, December 11, 2014

Makes me feel safe.....NOT

On the way home I spotted something weird on the top of a car in front of me. As I closed I realized it was a remote searchlight. Also the car was from a local security company. The company was large enough that I recognized their name and what service they provide.

What is bad is immediately after seeing it was a security "patrol" car...I realized it was a PRIUS!!!

*SNICKER* your patrol car is a Prius! embarrassing!


  1. actually, makes sense if you think about it. Carrying one person around for 8 hours. A Crown Vic gets what? 12MPG in patrol use? The Prius gets closer to 48 or so in the same use. City streets don't require 4wd, and if the security guard sees something, he's gonna call real cops anyway.

    I fail to see the downside of using a Prius.

  2. Hoo boy... Glad he doesn't have the 'capability' to actually 'chase' anybody...

  3. They could be getting good tax write offs for going green.