Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monthly item search- Backpack saw.

As part of my "Try to write more blog content" We are going to look for a backpack/camping saw.

Must be around $15-$20 max.
Must be suitable for sawing branches around arm thickness.
Space/weight considerations are paramount. This is to help gather firewood as part of a bailout bag/BOB. So carrying around a chainsaw or an ax is not going to happen.

From reserch I've done we are looking at the following.

Survival saw:
A notched wire between two rings.
Probably way too light. Suitable for only kits that need to fit in a mint tin. 

Survival saw, chainsaw:
Looks like a chainsaw chain between two handles/straps

Folding camping saw:
A saw blade that folds like a lockback knife

Folding frame saw:
Saw blade in a folding frame
About the biggest I'm thinking for this purpose.
Also likely the most useful for cutting wood in quantity. 



  1. Keep in mind that anything less than an arm's diameter can usually be broken by stomping on it. If it's too green to break, it's pretty much too green to burn, IMHO.

  2. I used to use a Sven Saw (brand name), which served for years until I bent the aluminum frame. More recently I've acquired a "chain saw on a rope" type (can't remember brand); it works very well.
    The wire ones are mostly junk, except for excersise &getting that cool burning wood smell.
    The folding saws are typically not aggressive enough for quick cutting.

    Anyway, Murphy is right- if you can't break it at that size, you don't want to burn it.

  3. Is the goal to have a saw or to get fire wood / limbs needed for the situation?

    Might want to consider instead of a saw a small hatchet.

    I prefer the Sven Saw or equivalent over the wire / folding types. Easier to put an extra blade into the set up and tote it around.

  4. If I was just needed firewood the bend and break method would be quicker. On the other hand what if I needed a shelter pole or walking stick?. I've seen the sven folding saws online. My thoughts are it would be ok if you are camping but a bit big for a get home bag. It was down to either one like the sven or a "chainsaw on a rope".

  5. I have a hatchet (well a tomahawk). Again great for camping, but not ideal for a get home bag.