Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Profound thought of the day.

3D printed guns/magazines are the AWB equivalent of the prohibition era bathtub gin.

You cannot effectivly ban something that ordinary people can create with a bit of effort. And if you do you will only create one heck of a black market for the banned items.

Might not be pretty but it'll get the job done....

Smart isn't she :)

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  1. Or a small Machine Shop can make them out of Billet Aluminum all day long. It's not like the Blueprints are locked in a Vault. Heck, any good Machinist can just Reverse Engineer all the Receivers you want.

    Heck, the Dutch made STEN Guns in Bicycle Shops while under German Occupation during WW2.

    The only Bottle Neck to making Firearms are the Barrels. That takes a Special Lathe. But I'm sure there's enough Barrel Blanks out there to be had. So that Cat was let out of the Bag a Couple of Centuries ago.