Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just who is the stupid one here?

So here is the scene. I'm sitting on my computer minding my own buisness. This random girl walks up to my table and asks if I'm familiar with the occupy Cleveland movement. At this point I have to stop listening to the squirrel report and find out what she wants. Turns out she NEEDS a ride to some corner in the bad side of town. I refuse to give her a ride and She gives me a look. The how dare you not give me what I want you bayoneter of babies...

I'm going to give a ride to someone I don't a bad night...
RIGHT.....I'm either the fool to go with her. Or she is the fool to go with some random guy. Then again we are talking a probable Occupy supporter.


  1. maybe you should have invited her to listen to the rest of the squirrel report with you while she waited for a lift? :)

    Did she really expect you to drop whatever you were doing just to take her ... weird?

  2. Yup she did! Right to the bad part of town.

  3. The real question, of course, is "is she cute?"... :D

  4. Didn't notice. The attitude I was noticing probably would have made Christina Hendrics look like Janet Reno.