Monday, May 2, 2011

15min of sound and fury...meh time to go now that we've gotten our photo op

Please note the Virginia Tech shirt. Way to exploit a tragedy to further your cause. Well after all it's what they do. That and buy guns for homicidal teenagers.
Two of the guns used at VT where straw purchased for the shooters by a board member of the Brady's.

Is he on the wrong side of the street?

They had signs with their own names and ages on them. All I could think of is that an intrepid criminal could get quite the shopping list.

Crowdsourced comments:
Protester with megaphone: "NRA we want to talk"
Me and a few others watching: "But not listen"

A pretty lady from Virginia: "At least we know they are not armed"

During a conversation about the people they are lamenting that got killed.
"I bet there are more felons on THAT side of the street than ours."

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