Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laserlyte sights for Ruger mkII

This is the first part of my long overdue review of the Laserlyte rear sight/laser for the Ruger mkII. The gun it's on is a target model that has at some time been refinished. Pictures where taken using my phone.

The sights where provided as a giveaway by our good friend JayG. See the sidebar for a link to his blog. Laserlyte gave him a bunch of their sights for him to review.

Here are some pictures to oogle.

Comparison of the sites compared to the stock target sights.

Sights with laser off.

And with the laser on.

The Sights have both a on and a strobe/flash mode. My impressions are so far positive. The only gripe I have so far is that the instructions on how to adjust point of impact are backwards. This is my noob gun that I try to have all the people that I introduce to shooting start on. The laser might make things easier.

I am of the group that believe that a laser is of little utility on a combat handgun. The mkII does not fit into that description being a target model and it's chambered in .22lr. However the laser does make any flinching or movement of the gun when you are squeezing the trigger more apparent.

Next episode: Playtime!

Yes this laser was provided free for review to another blogger. No I have not yet received my wheelbarrow of money from the NRA. Would you please look into that?

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