Thursday, December 11, 2014

Makes me feel safe.....NOT

On the way home I spotted something weird on the top of a car in front of me. As I closed I realized it was a remote searchlight. Also the car was from a local security company. The company was large enough that I recognized their name and what service they provide.

What is bad is immediately after seeing it was a security "patrol" car...I realized it was a PRIUS!!!

*SNICKER* your patrol car is a Prius! embarrassing!

Monday, November 10, 2014

PSA Flexseal

Flexseal + wind = MESS

Good luck cleaning it up...*SIGH*

Well if it manages to stop the leak this winter I might consider changing the tag.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Code name: OBLIVIOUS!

So I'm getting gas on my way home from work. In pulls a car with their stereo up loud. Not really loud but I can clearly make out what is going on. The driver has one of those bluetooth to car stereo deals and is talking with her boyfriend. She pulls two pumps away and I overhear her conversation. Lets just say what they are talking about is *ahem* personal. I could not hear her but it was pretty obvious what they where talking about from what he was saying......Really I don't want to know what you folks are planning for later....

What is worse is after she was done and got back in her car she called him back!

*blink* *blink*

Sunday, August 10, 2014


This post addresses the majority of revolvers that do NOT have the option for the use of partial or full moon clips.
Such as:

Ranch Products 45 ACP Caliber Full Moon Clips

For everyone else you have two options. Speed loaders and Speed strips.

Below is a HKS speed loader. It works by inserting the cartridges in the cylinder and then twistng the silver knob.

I'm not going to link because they are caliber/gun specific.

Another option is the speedloaders by Safariland.

They make a few models and are also specific to caliber/gun. Usually they work by pressing down on the knob to release.

A few other companies make speedloaders, some in metal. The HKS and Safariland is going to be what you see in the overwhelming majority of stores.

The other major option are speed strips

These are caliber specific but not gun specific so are an option of you have more than one gun in the same caliber. Also they make carrying reloads much easier since they can just be put in a pocket and not bulge like a speedloader. Although reloads with a strip are much slower. You have to insert one or two cartridges at a time then break them off of the strip. Another advantage here is the ability to do a partial reload. With a speedloader you have to dump the whole cylinder instead of just picking out the empties.

Tuff also makes "Quckstrips" in more calibers from .22 to12ga. Same basic principle.

My thoughts: The speedloaders are range tools. When I do carry a revolver I'm pocketing a speedstrip. Just my personal preference.

Preparing for change with CHANGE

June's total is 9.76.
July's total is 7.53

I'm thinking it's going to be a quarterly thing.....Stay tuned for more gear search posts!

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Stabby! MEGAPOST!!

The last day of the NRA Anual meeting there was a flyer in the meeting room
FREE GIFT FOR YOUR WIFE I was intrigued..turns out A.G. Russel was giving out Odin's Eye knives. The idea was for the lady to have it on her keychain for emergencies. Unfortunately if carried around in Ohio it's a crime. The knife is illegal due to it's design as a push dagger or T-blade.

For an excellent write up on the Odin's eye visit

So instead the nice gentleman gave me one of these:

It's a WAR blades pocket skinner/neck knife

Not  bad a 3in 8cr13MoV blade. Although as a neck knife it's FAIL. The sheath does not hold the knife nearly well enough to trust it as a neck knife. Also the bade is thin for a fighting knife. I do however think it will serve well as a skinning knife or as a toolbox/desk drawer blade.

The lady thinks it's a bit diminutive for her tastes. She usually has a Kershaw folder or better on her anyway :)

If yo think I'm full of brown and smelly saying it's unfit for neck knife duty. I have a few other knifes that serve as a neck knife. Mainly a cold steel Tokyo Spike and a CRKT tanto.

Not to mention the next one!
I found this while walking around... not bad for $5. Yah I'm not a fan of the zombie this and zombie that *shrug*

It is a Kabar ZOMBIE Archeron.

Pretty good for five bucks. I do however think the grip is a bit too small. Paracord wrapped around the handle should solve this nicely.

Last is a CardSharp folding knife. I don't know if it's a Ian Sinclair one or not. Doubt it since it was a freebie.

It fold up to look like this:

My if it's free great...I would not pay money for it! The blade is not much thicker than a razorblade and I bet if you tried to use it that the plastic seams will crack and break in short order.
If what you are looking for is a wallet holdout blade...well it still sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

OH NOES!! THOTpolice only likes cheap knives!
Let me dissuade you immediately. Also acquired at NRA was the following:

A Kershaw Onion Damascus (which is monogrammed) and a Boker Ceramic.

FCC you are a carbon emissions source. Do Gaia a favor and look into stopping that. The War Eagle Blade knife was provided for review. The CardSharp was free with another purchase. The Others where purchased by me.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Magazine loaders PT1. RIMFIRE (.22lr)

I have a couple of interesting loaders to talk about here

For single stack pistols:
I don't think anyone makes a double stack?!?

The first kind is the most common. It basically holds down the top round so you can fit in another. While it saves your thumbs, it doesn't do a thing for loading mags faster.  Several companies make basically the same device for every mag/gun combo. They are everywhere so I'm not going to post a picture. I've even gotten them as freebee/swag/handouts.

You have a tool that helps you hold down the tab. These are found on Ruger MK 1,2,3 ect magazines. These usually consist of a hole you fit the mag through and it saves the thumbs. It does make loading the magazines much faster/easier. Several companies make these so chances are you can find one that fits if you don't have a Ruger.


The makers of the oh so popular LULA loader have one that works for .22s the BabyUpLULA. I have yet to use one so will pass commenting. I DO have it's bigger brother and I am definitely a fan.

Amazon $29.65 W/PRIME

McFadden makes the "Ultimate Clip Loader" You put your mag in and shake a bit and it loads rounds from a tray like the ButlerCreek model below. I also have one of these. Somehow I'm having trouble loading the 10th round. About half the time it doesn't load properly Probably I'm doing something wrong....
 Amazon $17.95 W/PRIME

If you have a 10/22 you have two options.

Champion makes a loader that you fit your mag in and you press a button repeatedly and load rounds. Again I have not tried this device yet.

**need to find a link**

Butler Creek makes a crank loader primarily for their hotlips line of magazines. I do own one and it makes reloading magazines MUCH easier! You just turn a wheel and it loads with a click. The tray holds about 50 loose rounds so can load two 25rd mags before having to reach for more .22.


Dear FCC I paid for the items I own with my own money. Images are form and are used with links provided. I might swap the links for affiliate ones later.You are emitting co2 which is harmful to the environment and is known by the state of California to cause cancer. I suggest you stop that immediately