Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More BEER!

First a FAIL

Blue Moon
Gingerbread Spiced Ale
took one sip and went NOPE!...tried one more sip just to make sure...and down the drain the rest of the bottle went. The GF is also not a fan.

Then a WIN

Berry Weiss
I liked this one. Is definitely sweet. I'm told it works even better when mixed with their Summer Honey Wheat for a "honey bear"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Labatt Prohibition series
Bourbon barrel ale!

So they took bourbon barrel staves and "natural flavors" and brewed beer. I have to say they did a pretty good job. Definitely better consumed when you can take your time enjoying it.

Although it does make me wonder how much the taste is the barrel staves and how much is the "natural flavors"

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Great Value (WALMART) Chunk light tuna in water
 0.68/can 0.1942/oz drained
6oz Weight unopened

1.5 Water 
3.5 Tuna (drained)
1 oz Can

large mylar pouch $2 0.31/oz tuna
6.9oz package weight
6.4oz of tuna

small mylar pouch  0.98 0.37/oz tuna
2.6oz tuna

Bumble Bee (as a control) 0.88/can
$0.22/oz tuna drained
6.1oz unopened

0.9oz water
4oz Tuna (drained)
1.2oz can

Do not have to drain the can
Easy to open (no tools)
Dramatic weight savings

Cost (if value brands)
Package durability

Expiration dates where similar when compared.
Might update when I get more data.

Monday, July 27, 2015

FAIL / WIN you decide.....

Attempted to consume a full cup of coffee....topically....... sharing with my desk and office chair..
Yup shirt and pants are really wet.

Having a full set of clothes in my car to change into. I'm not all wet for the rest of my shift!

Proper preparedness prevents clothes full of coffee for the rest of the day. Although there are worse things to be smelling like

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Man...I'm hitting so many brick walls today I'm feeling like the Kool-Aid man.
(Three of us do the OH-YYYEEAAAHHHH)

Me:             So many brick walls ....
Co worker: Could build a house...
Me:             Then drop it on someone! Yah that would take out even an OZ witch........

Saturday, June 27, 2015

THOT gets on his soapbox

Trying to ban the stars and bars.

Today the Confederate battle flag. Tomorrow goes the Gadsden. Next week goes the Stars and Stripes.
Don't think that will happen? tell it to the students who have gotten suspended for wearing U.S. flags to school.

And lets not address the real racism of the shooter...lets ban a flag..lets ban guns...because it's the easy button way. I would think people like the shooter are the outliers of society. How popular are KKK rallies nowadays? How much IS racism and how much is manufactured outrage to push an agenda or pacify a demographic.

Gay Marrage

As a matter of policy I don't care what consenting adults do to or with each other. You don't stick your penis in my face and I don't hit you upside the head with a bible. That is how we get along.

I do object to the legislating from the bench. The people have voted how dare you DARE you put on your SJW hat and overturn the will of the people. (and this applies. to all of the judges that have overturned passed laws or state amendments.)

And chief justice hypocrite!'s ok to rewrite legislation from the bench to save a social welfare program but it's all of a sudden not ok when it comes to gay marriage?

I would be fine if they just said that the licenses issued by the gay marriage states had to be valid in the non amendment states. Look to see more bakers and florists driven out of business at the bayonet point of .gov wielded by SJWs Also look to see priests forced to preside over weddings against their beliefs. 

The SJWs and the LGBTwtfbbq activists will not just shake hands and go home they probably are already planning the next campaign. 

Roberts et al saving the ACA yet again.
Makes me wonder what they have on the guy. It's a tax is constitutional after we say it means not what it says.  Well there we have it folks the third branch of the federal government just proved it's as dysfunctional as the rest. God help us all.


I came across these folks at NRAAM. Why did I wait so long to write up a review you might ask. Well I wanted to actually USE it before writing about it. So not too long ago I purchased a used gun and used the bore light while inspecting it. It did provide more light than the other non powered lights I've used.
The manufacturer says it is especially usefull at dawn/dusk when the UV feature helps things along.

Image off of their website
I did not see them for sale on the website. Site is a bit primitive at the moment.
For those that are curious product is made in Ohio. (Hooray for local commerce.)

FCC-Product was provided for review. Otherwise no compensation besides chocolate was provided in compensation. You are a carbon emissions source please look into stopping that.