Friday, April 22, 2011

Cubeville. Collective

A collection of humerous things overheard in the cubemaze.

Big Swirly Mass of ....YUCK!
(Refering to the impending snowstorm on the weather radar)


*As we are discussing the upcoming blood drive*
Oh I can't give blood because of the medication I'm on.
(as she puts a grocery bag full of pill bottles on her desk)


Dude?!? You can't mess with the man's desk paraphernalia!

Done enough damage?
But we haven't broken out the sledgehammers or the flamethrowers yet!


"I DON'T CARE I've got my blankie!!"

*as I verify a serial number using military alphanumerics*
Sounds like you are calling in an airstrike.

FIRE MISSION.....customers in the open!

Gigglebox set to 11...

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