Friday, April 22, 2011

Another goverment FAIL!

*Insert two full measures of JayG level swearing here*

Trying to keep this blog out of rant of the week territory but this must be shared.

A while back big government in their typical wisdom dictated that all new gas cans had to have new spill proof caps. I needed to replace a 5gal can that my uncle "lost" so I got a new can with a new lid. Forewarned that the new caps where not that great little did I know the absolute FAIL that they are.

In short I used it for the first time today...I spilled gas all over myself the point that my housemates where complaining. Tried resealing or tightening the cap, every friggin time it leaked. Ended up using one of my old can's lids to get the gas actually into my car instead of on the car and me.

And the extra stab and twist...the new caps nearly doubled the cost of the cans.

Typical government. And they want to run health care? *facepalm*

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