Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Things to remember for NRA!

Business cards:
Even if they just have a name/Blogname and URL/Email. Very handy for the fishbowl drawings.

Address stamp or address labels:
For the other drawings, I don't want to be writing out my address all the time!
I just reuse the ones that charities mail out to try and get you to donate.

Walking shoes:
Meet new people and figure out how both of you know oldNFO!

For all the swag and such. I suggest keeping the catalogs/fliers to a minimum. They get heavy quick.

Your pain reliever of choice:
Your legs will get sore...If they are not sore I'm sure you can duct tape a few more rifle plates to your gear.

Snacks and Drinks:
Don't forget to HYDRATE. Watch out for your friends they might get too distracted.

Keep your eyes open and have fun. Who knows you might just catch Robert Farago with his pants down. (again). He still owes me for a case of brain bleach.

It will be extremely good to see the "tribe". And so nice of the NRA to co-locate a convention.

Stay tuned for coverage!


  1. Have fun in Nashville. I'm sure that the folks at this year's convention in Louisville, KY will wonder where you are. ;-)

  2. I just spotted your favorite hot goth chick! Should I say hello for you?